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Helping connect the dining public with the best restaurants

John Caccavale

Company Role

John is one of the two original founders of Boomerang and the VRC. With a background in data, he is the one making sure everything you need to know about restaurants is always correct and up to date!

Jim Cibelli

Company Role

Jim is also a co-founder of Boomerang and the VRC. His sales expertise has taken Boomerang from the idea it once was to the millions of page views and numerous customers it is today!

Team Member 1

Company Role

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Digital Company

Experts in technology, we use the most effective tools to drive customers to your restaurant.

Forward Thinking

With valuable connections in the hotel industry, we can provide valuable exposure where others cannot.

Social Media

Our team of social media experts will promote your restaurant within our network.

Customer Support

24/7 access to a team of valuable experts and professionals who can help grow your business.

About the Virtual Restaurant Concierge

We love to dine out.  The Virtual Restaurant Concierge (VRC) is powered by our real-time Boomerang database…the heart of our proprietary search engine. We find it’s not always easy to decide on the right restaurant. With outdated websites, confusing user reviews, excessive advertisements, and incorrect information, we became frustrated with other restaurant search services.  As frequent travelers, we also found hotel resources had very little to offer guests who would ask for restaurant recommendations. Thus the Virtual Restaurant Concierge was born, with the goal of making the restaurant search process inside and outside the hotel a pleasure instead of a hassle.

The Virtual Restaurant Concierge (VRC) is an exclusive service committed to connecting the dining public to restaurants. The VRC has expanded support to include touchscreens in select locations to further supplement the ability to connect the public to the latest restaurant information. These large high-definition touchscreens are placed in key high traffic locations providing accurate, updated, and reliable information about restaurants.  In addition, our online search and social networks act as additional promotional channels for all restaurants in the VRC. It doesn’t end there, with countless service partners we offer members of the VRC exclusive discounts and support to help make your restaurant successful. The Virtual Restaurant Concierge benefits both the hotels and the restaurants it serves while providing the dining public with non-biased, accurate options.


See Your Listing

At your request, we can show you what your listing would look like within our network. Request a sample today!